About Us

The Volley Forward Foundation was started to educate the public and promote the sport of volleyball.

Volley Forward provides scholarships to school-age girls who play volleyball to help with fees, travel expenses, training costs, and equipment. The foundation provides educational scholarships for young women playing collegiate volleyball.

Additionally, Volley Forward facilitates community service to further the development and education of the public’s perception of volleyball as a sport. We have seen firsthand the character-building and confidence-boosting that playing volleyball offers to young women.

We believe that no one should be denied the opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a member of their community because of financial barriers.

The Volley Forward Foundation has deep ties in the Texas volleyball community. We know that when young women are active, involved in something they care about, and participate regularly in a team activity, they are more successful. Success on the court results in success in the classroom, healthy relationships, and increased community involvement.